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You Duplicate what You Celebrate in Leaders

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We all have heros. Those we would love to be like, and it’s no different for me when it comes to leaders I know. When I have the privilege of spending time with leaders that I admire, I find myself wanting to be like them.

In other words, the very qualities that I Celebrate in them, I want to Duplicate in myself. Some of the qualities that I admire most….


They remember your name, they ask about you more than they tell you about all the great things they are doing.


They struggle too…. a lot! I don’t idolize them at all, just the opposite, the more I see them willing to share struggles the more strength I gain in dealing with my own.


They make themselves available to you. They are willing to invest the most important think they have… Their time! They will answer you calls and emails, and meet with you if needed. They truly desire to invest in other leaders.


They do what they say. They don’t get to busy to fulfill a promise made. This is hard, especially for someone with a demanding schedule and large responsibilities. It’s better to under promise and over deliver! I have a lot more respect for someone who tells me they can’t look at something, than just telling me to send it so they can put it in their trash pile.

Honestly…The reason these appeal to me, is because I’m struggling with them and trying to improve. When you have a short coming in your own life someone who seems to have it all together in that area really stand out.

So, I’m looking to Duplicate these qualities that I Celebrate in other leaders I know.

What quality are you working on most that you admire in another leader?  

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  • Rey Lo

    Love this, Artie! I’m one of the pastors at my church. This is always at the front of our conversations. Awesome post.

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