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The Sticks

Multiplying the Mission in Small Towns.

stikcs_largeA gathering to empower small city pastors and leaders to love, learn, and lead big. The Sticks provides the resources for church planters, church pastors, and leaders to network together and learn principles that will help them make BIG impact in their small city.

In the sticks, it’s not always easy to take several days away from your church and go to a conference. To help reach and impact as many small town leaders as possible, we have multiple gatherings throughout the country.

A Day N The Sticks – These meetings are held in different areas around the country. Churches are encouraged to host a one day Regional Gathering to bring in leaders from the surrounding areas for hands on leadership learning and networking. (email us here if you’re interested in hosting)

Want to know more? Go to thesticks.tv.

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