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How To Get The Church On Board With Vision

BOARDYou spend some great time with God.
You really feel you know what the next step of Kingdom growth for your church should look like.
You begin to move in that direction and earnestly try and get buy in, just to be met with disappointment and frustration.

This happens all too often when a leader fails to establish a “Vision Protection” team.

Think back to Jesus’ day. He had a vision protection team. It had 3 parts…

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3 Keys That Will Take You Further


I watched Diana Nyad recently tell the story of her historical swim  from Cuba to Florida. It was an inspiring story and she shared a few of the reasons that allowed her to accomplish a feat many tried before her, but all met with failure. Here are a … [Continue reading]

4 Attitudes of a Productive Team


My father in law taught me a lot about bees before he died. He raised them and harvested their honey for years. And they never ceased to amaze him for all those years. Bees are amazing, but they have four main objectives: They will build a … [Continue reading]

Caveman Church Leader


Say what you want about the large bearded man rockin the Wooley Mammoth suit and carrying that big beatin stick, but he knows how to survive! We can learn something from our caveman cousin about the art of surviving and growing in some difficult … [Continue reading]

5 Traits of the Most Magnetic Leaders


1. They ask caring questions They ask questions that go far beyond superficial interest. They draw me out with pointed questions that show they genuinely care about me and it never sounds scripted. 2. They listen to me They allow me to fully vent … [Continue reading]

4 Habits of the World’s Richest…You need these too


I stumbled across this infographic about the habits of the worlds wealthiest people (No, I don't desire to be one of them). After reading them it struck me, "These are all Biblical principles." Real success, even by those who don't follow Jesus, … [Continue reading]

Stop Being A Car Chasing Leader


We've all seen dogs that chase cars. It's funny they like to try and catch up with a car going 40 mph and bark and growl like they really have a chance of catching it. As pastors and leaders, we're all guilty of trying to catch something that is … [Continue reading]