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Tag: Church Style

4-Lessons on Church Style…From an Idiot

“When ever you see the following names in connection with a church RUN!”

This was a line in an unsolicited email from someone I had never heard of.  It was all about how great he was and how “ungodly” some others were. 

He goes on to tell of some church services he led for a friend of his, and how wonderful it was…

1- “The music was tremendous with no contemporary junk in sight.  I love the old paths of the old-time religion especially her music.”  

Then how horrible other churches and leaders are…

2- “This new let your hair down method is leading young men down a primrose lane to unadulterated heresy.  

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Jesus Did some Crazy Crap! Are You?

They thought Jesus was out of his mind.

~Mk 3.21

My wife and I heard the old song (don’t know the artist) but the chorus was, “We never would have survived this if we didn’t…

Go a little crazy!

Everything is spinning off the tracks around us.  It seems nothing stays the same, I know

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What is the BEST church Model?

The Best church Model!

What Church model do you use? Can you imagine asking this question to a church leader 50 years ago.Their response would have been… What. Is there more than one?

There are so many in “Vogue”

church models that some wear it on their arm as a badge of honor. Ok just imagine it’s a mistake to say this is how we “do church.” Because I think that paints yourself in a corner. Why not just be a

“whatever it takes” church.”

A whatever it takes model dictates an attitude that says, “we will do whatever it takes to win

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Do we need SUPERSTAR Church Planters?

Church planting SUPERSTAR!

I have noticed a disturbing trend, where it seems some groups think it takes a “super star” to plant a church these days!  I don’t buy that!

This is the way I see it. Jesus, and the early church leaders recruited and put into place church planters like these the…

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Is it OK, to kick it ol’ School, (or new school)?

Our church is launching a new service the weekend after Easter called Cornerstone Classic! It’s our 3rd service (8:30), and we are offering a “classic” service. That is NOT TRADITIONAL, but as we call it, “same stuff, softer style.” We will worship with a little older contemporary songs, some updated hymns, brighter lights in the

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