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Tag: Church Leadership

The 2-People You Gotta have in Your Life

“Show me the people that you are investing in right now, and I’ll tell you where you will be in five years” I had a mentor of mine tell me that several years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it. It rings truer and truer everyday. I was reminded of this when reading this passage the

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7 Steps of Real Multiplication

The greatest and highest calling of a leader is to replace themselves. The Lord said to Elijah…anoint Elisha to succeed you as prophet. So Elijah went from there and found Elisha… Elijah went up to him and threw his cloak around him. Then he left to follow and assist Elijah. ~1 Kings 19 Listen for God’s voice to

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Do Politics really Need Your Voice?

I don’t think so! It just hurts and divides. Don’t marry Biblical Truth to politics…EVER! It’s just not right. You can address a specific issue, when interpreted and presented in love on a sound Biblical foundation, but NEVER allow it to be tied to a political view, party  or politician. Leading a VERY DIVERSE church I

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4-Must Have’s for GREAT Story Tellers

This was originally a guest post for my great friend Ron Edmondson, but I thought it needed to be shared here as well…

The greatest communicators…

are the greatest story tellers. So if we want to become better communicators, we MUST learn to be better Story Tellers! (Among a lot of other things I know).

1 ~ Feel the PASSION

Why this story? Does this have any value or meaning to you personally? The most powerful stories are the most moving, and moving stories are birthed in passion.

Don’t just download a funny story you heard and re-hash it. Work

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Don’t LOOK but LISTEN to find great staff

I hear leaders say… “I have been looking, but I haven’t found the right person yet.” In all honesty would should be said is, “I haven’t heard the right person yet.” I know that sounds strange, but that’s the way it was done all through scripture. The one that stands out is this…’ The Prophet

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