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Will Google+ Make it?

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How much energy should you put into Google+? … [Continue reading]

Young boy Responds to the Racist “Pastor”

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If you saw my post yesterday about the... Stupid racist pastor you probably got as mad as me. However, just as Jesus said, "the children will lead them." And so they do... My blog was posted on my personal Facebook page (would love to have you as a … [Continue reading]

The Stupidest Pastor I have EVER Seen!

Straight Up. If this guy is truly a "Pastor" then I don't want to be one! The stupidest one I've ever seen! http://youtu.be/b_skKhYHl70 I appreciate Todd Rhoades for introducing this on his blog. … [Continue reading]

Failing Doesn’t Suck…Sometimes it Pays!


The fear of failing is.... The number one reason most people quit, or never attempt something great. James Dyson...the guy who invented the world famous Dyson Vacuum, understands this all to well. He failed 5126 times before getting his proto-type to … [Continue reading]

Your Best Ever…Every-Time


That was your... "Best Ever!" As a leader, those words spoken to you by someone you respect is like water to a thirsty man. Not that we seek praise from men, but we all look to be encouraged in our calling. Every-Time Recently a pastor friend was … [Continue reading]