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A Church withOUT Diversity…Is Handicaped

Love this video about diversity in the church! http://youtu.be/ue-3x9Vt-tc … [Continue reading]

7-Keys to Intimacy in Marriage


Intimacy Definition ~ A close, affectionate and loving relationship with another person (Your Spouse in this case) I love the story of Jacob and Rachel in Genesis 29. I think there's tremendous truth and symbolism in that encounter... I see you I … [Continue reading]

4-Lessons on Church Style…From an Idiot


"When ever you see the following names in connection with a church RUN!" This was a line in an unsolicited email from someone I had never heard of.  It was all about how great he was and how "ungodly" some others were.  He goes on to tell of some … [Continue reading]

Leader Lesson- Look


Look There are incredible opportunities around us all the time. Most of the time I feel to busy to stop and look. A couple of weeks ago... I actually stopped and saw a great opportunity with a guy not in the Kingdom...yet! I have since developed a … [Continue reading]

There is Power in the Pain


My oldest daughter stuck her finger in the electrical socket. We taught all our kids, NOT to put their fingers in the electrical sockets, but my strongest willed one decided to "test" our theory. It was met with PAIN! She understood the power that … [Continue reading]