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Sometimes…You CANT’ Reach it!

http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=FrTbnczYAd4&feature=player_embedded … [Continue reading]

The Best Place to Start as a Leader

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There are many places you can start as a leader, but the best place is...The Beginning. Leadership begins with Trust. No matter who you are, or who you are with, if you don't have trust no one will care what you say. Trust is hard to earn, and very … [Continue reading]

4-Steps to Win. Every time!

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Ever notice God is constantly "flipping the pages" of our lives? We go from place to place (page to page), and season to season (Chapter to Chapter). Some places are easy, some hard, some seem unbearable! But in each place God wants us to Win It! … [Continue reading]

Depart! Is that What Jesus is Saying?


I took this picture this morning. It's new billboard near down town. It's huge right next to the road, and when you drive by it looks like Jesus is looking down, talking right to you. Depart! Really? Whoever put this up, really must not care if all … [Continue reading]

My Enemies will Submit to Me!


I don't know if you understand the power of praying scripture, but I hope you do. There is great power in praying what God has said, even if it was for someone else, God may use it for you. I was challenged yesterday to pray this passage … [Continue reading]

Are You Poisoning People?


Been talking this week how the Bible gives us the "What" we must do, but not the "How." You can catch up Here...and  Here. We can never fall in love with "How" we do things! The moment we fall in love with the "How" we become a Pharisee. I know … [Continue reading]

Do You have Your…”Now-How”


Yesterday  I talked about the Bible giving us the "What" but not the "How." You can read it...Here. Here's the deal. I think we as Christ followers and especially the church have moved away from owning the outcome of how we do things. If "how" we … [Continue reading]