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3 Mistakes that Kill Church Diversity


"How did you guys plant and grow a diverse church in one of the most racially divided communities in the South." A question I get quite often. Diversity in the church is one of my "HOT" buttons. I don't want to over simplify all of what it takes … [Continue reading]

4-Reasons You should Love Systems


Some people don't think of themselves as "Systems" people. But we all are, and honestly, the sooner you recognize it, and embrace it, the better off you will be. Here's why... 1- God Created Systems 2- God Uses Systems 3- We can Create … [Continue reading]

10-Traits of a Craveable Leader


The true strength of every great leader is their ability to draw people to them, and lead them.  That magnetism, that ability to pull along other great leaders, is found in the leader who is Craveable! That leader will look something like … [Continue reading]

7-Habits that Kill a Great Staff


Churches with Great DNA...Are GREAT churches! Churches with poor, or misaligned DNA are struggling churches. The DNA of a church begins and ends with leadership. And the leadership within your church is composed of a Pastor or pastors, staff, or … [Continue reading]

Stephen Covey, Dead at 79. He meant this much to me…


Steven Covey's book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" was huge to me. I first read it many years ago when it first came out. I was at a very low point, growing as a leader but knowing how to manage my time or energies. His book really … [Continue reading]