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4-BIG Moves…Who is WITH You?

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Big God moves... have a pattern Plan . God has a great plan. The "Grand Plan" for the growth of His Kingdom. We don't see this plan, but can see the fruits as it becomes visible around us. People When God gets ready to move, … [Continue reading]

My 4-A’s…Don’t plan on Failing These

Jump In

My Attitude This will make or break me, and those around me. I  leak on those around me, so if I have a bad attitude, I will bring the whole team down. Jump into the joy...Boy! My Altitude I must be a big dreamer. … [Continue reading]

4-Wrong Q’s Pastors Ask


Ask the wrong question, you get the wrong answer...Everytime. 1- How do we get people to come to church? 2- How do we get people to join a small group 3- How do we get people to invite their friends? 4- How do we get people to grow in their … [Continue reading]

I found a New Lover – She’s Awesome!


I found a new lover, her name is...Today! There are somethings God has put on my heart lately. They seem elementary, but very heavy, and at times difficult to keep in the forefront of my mind. One of those is... … [Continue reading]

4-Essentials for Leading Change this Year

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Never Drop Anchor Like anything that is living and growing, the church must be in a constant state of change. If the church doesn't change, it's like dropping an anchor in a race! Which ensures the progress of our adversary. Turn it Slow and … [Continue reading]

The Greatest ever Given, The 2nd Best Recieved

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Merry Christmas! The greatest Gift ever given was unwrapped over 2000 years ago. The 2nd greatest gift is being unwrapped all day long...Here, near me, and far away. I am the most blessed man that has ever lived, or allowed to draw a breath. I will … [Continue reading]

Jesus Did These 4-Are you?

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Do this... take a modern translation of Scripture and flip through all the Gospels in the New Testament, and just look at the "section summaries ." You know those little one-line descriptions giving a summary of what you are about to read. I did … [Continue reading]