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Category: Vision Casting

A Critical Aspect Often Overlooked When Casting Vision

Language The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. (Gen 11:6) When I travel to West Africa, my second home, it’s always frustrating. I know some of the language and can make my way through,

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Is Your Church Feeling the Lean?


Any church that doesn’t change in response to the change in culture, community or context will eventually cease to exist. Any church that wants to stay around and keep their doors open will make constant and subtle changes along the way.

How should that change take place?

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3-MUST DO steps to Impart Vision

We are all leaders in some way

Parenting, community, groups, church, industry or corporate. The rules apply across the board. And the same question greets each leader everyday, “How do I get those who follow me, to run with this vision?”

The answer, though quite complex, and vary within culture, community and context, I have come to believe the “Steps” to be quite simple…

Head ~ Heart ~ Hand

This is process must move from one step to the next, with great passion and patience. But, it must all begin with the…

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Jesus Didn’t win the World!

Jesus didn’t win the world…

Jesus had a tribe of 12. He didn’t come to win the world but came to die for the world! He invested in and equipped a tribe of 12 that did win the world! What a great challenge for leaders!

Jesus didn’t spent His earthly ministry trying to do everything

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