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Category: Small City Church

3 Ways to Poke A Slow Moving Church

pokeAlmost every church will see seasons of growth and decline.

But how do you get a church that seems to be coming to a stop to regain some forward momentum?

Here are a few points I have found helpful…

1 See clearly

You must see all the components that cause or have contributed to the slow down. This process of perception is vital. It will take some time, but you have to ask and record the answers to some hard questions.

-Inside trends? (Music, giving, ages, preaching, kids etc,)

-Outside trends? (Community, economic, culture change)

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3-Steps to answer the Questions Everyone in Your Church is Asking

“I know a couple that has stopped giving…said they don’t understand what we’re doing.” One of the staff members told me this recently, and it really felt like a stab! What!? Don’t know? Don’t understand? How can that be? We have communicated our vision and plan very well (I said to myself). Well…upon further investigation

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3-Minute 3-Point “Rocket Pitch” for Church Vision

vision-infuses-passion_wide_tAt a recent staff planning day, we gave each other nicknames. It was really funny and revealing at the same time. They gave me…”Bullet Point.”

It just may be the way I’m wired, but if you’re gonna pitch me an idea, don’t try and “sell me” first. You need to give me your “Rocket Pitch” and then let me ask the questions I need answered in order to understand fully or make a decision.

I read a great article recently in Inc that outlines how to give a great “Rocket Pitch” that brings simplicity. A direct approach is a vital component when communicating your church’s vision. I’m trying to craft several pitches using their outline, here’s how it goes…

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Three Moves to Make Now to Move Your Church…When You Can’t Move!

MOVE“I’m just to tired to do anything right now.”

Ever feel like that? I know I have on many occasions. Here’s the deal, when we see things in our churches that need to be changed but we lack resources, leadership, time or energy, the first temptation is to wait until we have or most of these before we move…Wrong.

As the coaches scream from the corner of a MMA match…”Move or Die, Move or Die!” Here are three things you can do today that will begin to change everything!

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Intentional Neglect

neglectWe have to know our focus.

I heard a term the other day that has had my gears turning…

“Intentional neglect.”

It wasn’t used in a church context, but I think it certainly has application right now, especially for the church I lead. As a church we are re-tooling almost everything, in doing so, we have narrowed almost everything we do into the BIG three right now…

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