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Category: Sermon Planning

3 Essential Points For Every Sermon

SERMONI enjoy speaking and preaching in our church. Honestly, though, for years it was difficult to get ahead in thought and stay focused with a simple plan for each sermon.

Yeah I know, I took homiletics too. However, I’m a very simple guy that needs a simple but effective thought process that allows me to pray and study through a subject and stay on point all the way through.

A couple of years ago I “discovered” (only by God’s mercy on a simple minded leader) a process I have found to be very powerful.

Understanding all great sermons need a great story, intro and powerful closing, the body of the sermon is where these points are indispensable to me…

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What is your goal? Information or Transformation

Our jobs as Pastors and leaders in the church is NOT to just transfer Information..

We should strive to  transfer…TRANSFORMATION.

Those are (2) totally different approaches to what we give those who hear us. If we see our responsibility to be just a good “Teacher & Preacher” and giving “information” and knowledge. We will produce followers who have a lot of information in the head, but their lives will really never change! They just become more “religious.”

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2011 Sermon Series. DONE! What do you think?

2011 Sermon Series…Finished!


Our teaching team at Cornerstone “finally” finished our sermon series plan for 2011! Our plan this year was so unique I thought I would share it with you guys! We asked ourselves this Question…

“What do we want our church to have?”

That 1-Question has driven our entire preaching schedule this year. And we wanted to use ONE WORD

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