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Category: Relationships

O, the Places You’ll Go!

My wife ordered this book for me not too long ago. Can you believe that? My wife gave me a kid's book! But is it really? She challenged me to read it in the context of vision. Here are a few "nuggets": You can steer yourself in ANY direction you choose Out there things can happen,

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Open wide your eyes

We are making some final preparations for our trip to Liberia next Sunday! My wife & I are leading a small team to Monrovia (where my wife was born & lived until she was 17) next week to check on some organizations in which we are going to become more involved. These organizations are making big changes

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10 MUST HAVES for thanksgiving!

  Sweet potato casserole with pecans (Lots!) People that still come to church on Sunday And bring all their "stuffed" family with them All of the greatest "man movies" to play all weekend At least one good football game (Clemson looses!) During all the family time, make it family time Have one on one time with

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