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Category: Relationships

I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Send Someone to Hell

I know that sounds kinda crazy. Like I could actually SEND people to hell…

I can’t.

It’s not up to me.

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POWER. Your Words Matter!

There are few things, if any, that carry the power of words!

They create, they destroy, they fill, they empty, they promote & they bring low. Understanding that those around us hang onto our words, we must be careful, because we wield a powerful arsenal in our  mouths.

I like the list of powerful phrases composed by John Adair…

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5-Steps. Stop being a MORON!

As a leader it is very difficult to keep things in balance, or at least what “feels” like balance. I heard a great man of God say,

…the hardest thing you will ever do as a leader is to maintain balance.

“Balance” is a myth, and an oxymoron for a leader, some say. I heard that some 20 years ago, and it still resounds as loud as ever with truth. High energy leaders go from extreme to extreme, and if they hit all the areas frequently enough with some “extremism” they feel they are balanced.

That’s CRAP! Not only is it crap, it’s

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7-People that help send others to Hell!

On his blog the other day Seth Godin was sharing his displeasure with some advertisers.

“Many marketers are able to sell their wares by making us dissatisfied with what we already have.”

Reading that statement made me think about a question as it relates to the church…

Are we demonstrating such a life, that those on the outside see us and become dissatisfied with their life?

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5-Signs…Don’t follow that leader!

There are so many reports, surveys, studies & speculations about the state of the church. There seems to be “trends” in every direction: House churches, Multi site, church planting of every kind.

But in everyone of these scenarios there is an undeniable truth about the leaders…

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