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Category: Relationships

Don’t Be A “Was Gonna” Friend

Helping hand shakes another in an agreement

I was gonna ______ but I _______.

That’s the way we say it in the south anyway. The interpretation of that is simple. “I thought about doing something that would help or encourage you but I didn’t. So…I’m telling you that I at leastthought about you.” That’s not what a good friend does. When someone says that, they are trying to make themselves feel better about missing an opportunity.

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My 3 Epic Fails on Twitter


We all fail, but I beilieve go BIG or go home. Well…When it comes to Twitter, it seems I fall on the fail side alot more than I do on the win side. Here are 3 times I’ve made some big epic fails on my twitter account.

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Everybody Loves Change Until…

Ever heard that saying that goes something like… No one likes change. Well, that saying simply isn’t true. Everyone loves change. We love the remote. We love to eat out. We love social media We love cars. We love to move around We all like change… Until it effects us personally. The second somebody starts

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4 Ingredients in the “Secret Sauce” of Marriage 4.0

Ever had something and you say… OOOOOweee that’s good! What is in this stuff??? Well marriage can be that way, especially  at 4.0 (Read Description Here) 1- Passion The heated pursuit of another with total engagement physically and emotionally Daily, DEMONSTRATE to your spouse how desirable they are to you Pursue one another as if your life

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In Love…Really?

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 
― Dr. Seuss

What’s it like to be in love…I mean really in love with you husband or wife? Well after almost 30-Years of it, and having gone through so many different seasons, some straight from heaven, and others from the pit of hell. 
I feel just qualified enough to touch on the subject ever so lightly. I know this, real love begins in your…
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