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Category: Relationships

5 Ways to Be A Good Friend


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” — C.S. Lewis

It has been said that friends are the truest treasure. I think that has great truth, unfortunately, there are few that find these treasures in quality & fewer those that find quality & quantity! Having invested in relationships that I thought were good, only to find myself disheartened and betrayed. I have found others that bring life, joy & unconditional love. I have all so discovered some principles in finding and keeping such great relationships:

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Perception is King!

PERCEPTIONWhen we hurt someone or offend them because they misinterpreted our actions, it’s really easy for us to dismiss the offense and excuse it because it wasn’t our intention. We can always blame it on them for being easily offended or soft, but the truth is, we have to be responsible for the perception we give. That’s a part of being Craveable.

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5 Traits of the Most Magnetic Leaders

MAGNETIC1. They ask caring questions

They ask questions that go far beyond superficial interest. They draw me out with pointed questions that show they genuinely care about me and it never sounds scripted.

2. They listen to me

They allow me to fully vent or explain without making me feel on I’m on “the clock” with them. They demonstrate their authenticity by giving me their time (Their most valuable asset), without complaint.

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Church War Z

CHURCHWARZThere are two types of people that claim to be ‘Christians…

1. Those that are Christ followers.

These are the people that are genuinely sold out for Jesus. They screw it up sometimes, but they follow Jesus as very best as they know how. They’re like the disciples in Jesus’ day. They follow Him, they glorify him, they let his glory shine through them, and they don’t mind admitting when they screw it up.

2. Those that are religious.

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The Greatest Enemy of Love is…Truth

LOVETruth is an enemy of love? Yes, not infallible Truth (i.e., the bodily resurrection), but rather our perception of truth.

Most arguments I have been in or witnessed is a battle between two different views of what is true.

We are first and formost called to be like therefore love like God. That means we must be willing to sacrifice and lay down of what we consider the “truth” for the sake of the other feeling loved by us.

Give up your right to be right.

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