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3 “Old School” Planning Rules that Still Work

I was flipping through my old photos the other night and I feel upon this one:

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3 Bold Moves That Spark New Passion

BOLD“Everything has its own time…” Ecc 3.1

I’ve quoted that verse to others and, quite a few times, to myself. Most often it’s to answer the question why didn’t things turn out the way we had hoped.

When we face disappointments like that, one area of our life that can take a blow is our passion.

I’ve found when my passion and energy are running low, a few bold moves need to be taken. Now, apart from the obvious… we need to be on our faces before God, we need to establish a laser focus so we aren’t spreading the energy and enthusiasm too thin and zapping our own passion.

Try these Bold Moves…

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5 Essential Tools for Every Productive Pastor

PRODUCTIVEAs pastors, there’s always a lot on our plate. We change hats and capes constantly. I’ve found that being skilled and gifted is not enough, it’s also about finding ways for your gifts to have the greatest impact.

1- Electronic Bible reading (You Version)

In the age of instant share technology, we have the ability to record our thoughts and observations in Scripture with a swipe of our finger.

I know some feel they really need to hold the Bible in their hand while reading, that’s cool, but realize you’re greatly limited yourself in the speed and ability to capture those verses and inspirations quickly and effectively.

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5 Changes That Increase Productivity

productivityI was reading this recently in the CEO newsletter. I loved the info-graphic, and was intrigued by the biggest changes leaders need to make to become more productive..

The top five really resonated with me and I’ve listed them in my own words…

#1 Have a task management system.

You have to capture all that you have to do. If you don’t, you’ll be constantly bombarded with the thoughts of getting stuff done. Put it in a task management system and get it off of your mind!

#2 Only have a meeting as a last resort.

Meetings kill time and productivity. If you can have a quick conversation with a couple of people in a casual way, do that instead. If you can take care of it in a walk by conversation, do that. If you can communicate with a phone call, do it. Only meet as a last resort!

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The Greatest Question to Ask… Before Starting Anything

QUESTION“What would make this incredibly successful?”

I found this question that was asked by an executive at the David Allen company, the great time management and GTD (getting things done) author.

I certainly think this has great application to the church context…


All of us that work in church leadership have at one time or another started something because we thought we had a great idea. Instead of thinking through what we’re doing, we just go with it and not think about what would make it succeed or fail.

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