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Category: Multi-Ethnicity

Perception is King!

Perception is KING! I can’t tell you how many times I have spoken and preached this. It’s one of those “small foxes” that can not be overlooked. We need to understand the things we say and do may not match or even  slightly resemble our intention. Intention is not perception. What others hear and  experience will be “perceived” in a real and impactful way. So we must always ask this question: “How will this be perceived?”

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Hey Church! 10 years, NO CHANGE!

Multi-ethnic-logo.150Came across this article the other day, and it just confirmed how much work we have left to do! Basically, the church is still in the same place ethnically as it was 10 years ago! (10-Years! No Change!) Even after all the Promise Keepers rallies of reconciliation, and the cries for equality, and the talk of unity, the church is lagging behind every other institution. Wake up Church! There are some things we must do!

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Why It’s Worth It

Is it really worth the extra effort, energy and planning to establish and maintain a multi-ethnic church? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? After all, only 2.5% of mainline Protestant churches can be described as multi-ethnic so why should my church be any different? The short answer is a resounding, “Yes!” It is absolutely worth

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Move Your Cheese

Spencer Johnson wrote an incredible book on how to deal with change called, “Who Moved My Cheese.” In it, you find two mice in a maze. They are trained to run the maze to a specified end where they find cheese awaiting them. One day, the cheese is moved. One of the mice decides to

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5 Musts for Multi-Ethnic Churches

Being ethnically diverse is at the heart of who Cornerstone is and why we do church the way we do. On more than one occasion we’ve been asked how we maintain such a multi-ethnic congregation. We have found there are 5 "musts" for any church that wants to be multi-ethnic: 1.   You must have

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