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Category: Multi-Ethnicity

INTENTIONAL. Multi-Ethnic Church

A multi-ethnic church doesn’t just happen.

You have to be intentional in your ministry approach. If you are not intentional, you probably will never have a true multi-ethnic church.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Black History Month…In the Church?

This is “Black History Month”

Where we as a nation have set aside a time to honor, remember, recognize and celebrate the lives and contributions of the Black Americans gone before us, and still among us. It’s important that we recognize these contributors that have helped our nation grow and contributed to it’s unique culture.

But what about the Church?

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MLK Day…The BIG Reveal!

On MLK day we celebrate the life of a man…


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Who can you bring to YOUR church?

I saw someone Sunday

That I haven’t seen in several years…

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Small town Leaders & Pastors-CONNECT!

I hope most of you are familiar with “TheSticks” It’s a movement to engage, encourage & empower leaders, pastors & church planters in smaller communities…

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