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Category: Leadership

3- Undeniable traits of great leaders

Many are running in the leadership race. Many aspire to lead, encourage, mobilize & transform people, places & even culture. But there are 3 components that if not in place will cause anyone aspiring to be a great leader to lose balance and fall out of the race. Truth– Truth is a non-negotiable. If a leader ever

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 I was having a conversation with a fellow pastor and he was sharing some difficulties they were having with staff. As our talk continued, several things popped into my head about how to effectively lead a church staff: Always take the heat, but never the praise When they fail, coach 'em up, don't beat 'em up Oh yeah, almost

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All leaders know the feelings that come with leadership, misunderstandings, burn-out, rejection, criticism & many times a feeling of great loneliness. If you have never felt this great feeling of loneliness, you have never been called out to go against the flow, and run with a new big vision. With great vision comes great "separation."

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Are you muddying the water?

  As a leader, the people around you appreciate genuine transparency; especially if you are a pastor. Those  you lead need to know the real you. Not who you are trying to become, the latest strategy, the hottest new preacher or communicator, just you. It's a HUGE temptation to muddy up our lives a little bit

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Ever feel like falling out?

Do you know what I mean? Sometimes it just comes on you, and you feel like you have just got to have some "down time." Well, that down time is sooooo super spiritual. It really is. In the Bible it's called "sabbath." That means you plan (in Scripture it was planned, weekly, monthly & yearly)

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