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Category: Leadership

When Others Shine

Every father waits with mixed emotion for the day when his son will beat him in a game of 1-on-1. On one hand, it’s quite a humbling eye opener to realize your not as young as you used to be. But, on the other hand, there is a swelling sense of pride that your son has

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Leaders must LISTEN!

 Ever been in a strange city and got lost? I can remember on several occasions being in a new place and getting lost. That's right, no way could I stop and ask for directions, I would lose man points! Right? WRONG! The only thing I lost was precious time that I can never get back.

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The Leader’s Engine

What is it in a leader that keeps him forging forward? What engine is under that hood that gives momentum and drive, not just for him, but for all that would fall behind a great leader with passion? One word: VISION Vision is not a cheap commodity, it can't be bought or taught. Vision is

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How did I get here?

When we find ourselves in a place of leadership, responsibility or honor that place comes with obligations! It's easy to forget how we got there! Yes, we may have worked hard, obtained an education, known the "right" people but all of these things are still gifts from God. In spite of how you may feel about yourself,

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7 steps…to get it ALL done?

  Ever run out of "day" before you run out of "do's?" Leaders and those who are task oriented are always asking me, "Artie, how do you get it all done?" Well, let me share a very simple tool that I started using just a couple of years ago when my "do's" starting overrunning my

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