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The Greatest ever Given, The 2nd Best Recieved

Merry Christmas! The greatest Gift ever given was unwrapped over 2000 years ago. The 2nd greatest gift is being unwrapped all day long…Here, near me, and far away. I am the most blessed man that has ever lived, or allowed to draw a breath. I will be unwrapping these gifts today… My Love relationship with

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The Next Apple CEO… a Church-Planter!

Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple’s CEO yesterday. Well, he’s done it before but it seems this is the real deal. Yeah, they have a succession plan, and this moment has been thought through from a thousand different angles. However, I would like to nominate…A Church Planter for the position!

Here’s why…


Church planters are some of the most creative people on the planet. They are forced to think outside, inside…

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Reflections on my 50th Birthday

I am 50 years old Today This is one of those days you always teased others about and for some reason never thought you would reach it yourself. It certainly is a milestone; it changes your mind and perception of things, at least it has for me. I have been thinking about this for a while now,

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Friday Reflections

At the end of the week, many times I reflect back and ask myself what have I really done? Have I made a difference and what should I have done differently. You may do that as well, but here are my…

Friday Reflections:

1- I really need to be a better planner! I’m having difficulty getting it all done.

2- When people you thought were your friends turn out not to be, it hurts. Really bad!

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Pastor Goes “Rhino-Riding”

I will be in Tanzania for 8 days with Compassion International and some other great leaders. (So my Blogging will go in and out, mostly out). I’ve spent a lot of time in West Africa, but have never been to East Africa. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the culture, Compassion’s ministry first hand, and… Rhino Riding. Yes.

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