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Category: God’s Love

Are you an UGLY bridge?

A great friend of mine took this photo…

it took him forever to get the shot just right, and it shows the beauty and majestic presence of this beautiful bridge. It got me to thinking… we are supposed to be like bridges for people.

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How Can I ?…5-WAYS!

I face the Q-How Can I do THIS?


  • This relationship
  • This Ministry
  • This Project
  • This New “THING”
  • This situation
  • This LIFE…In tact!

In the middle of all “How can I” days over the years God has always come to me and spoken into me

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7-People that help send others to Hell!

On his blog the other day Seth Godin was sharing his displeasure with some advertisers.

“Many marketers are able to sell their wares by making us dissatisfied with what we already have.”

Reading that statement made me think about a question as it relates to the church…

Are we demonstrating such a life, that those on the outside see us and become dissatisfied with their life?

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4-Reasons God would give me one of His tacos!

We ordered in last night, one of my sons favorites... Taco Bell! Well, they screwed up the order! Shorted us 2-Tacos and an order of cinnamon twists. Wouldn’t you know it, the two  missing tacos belonged to my son, he was not HAPPY! I told him he could have mine. He refused, but knowing he would enjoy them so much more than me, I offered him mine… He refused. I finally talked him into taking one of them.

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