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Category: Fun

Are you an UGLY bridge?

A great friend of mine took this photo…

it took him forever to get the shot just right, and it shows the beauty and majestic presence of this beautiful bridge. It got me to thinking… we are supposed to be like bridges for people.

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4-Reasons God would give me one of His tacos!

We ordered in last night, one of my sons favorites... Taco Bell! Well, they screwed up the order! Shorted us 2-Tacos and an order of cinnamon twists. Wouldn’t you know it, the two  missing tacos belonged to my son, he was not HAPPY! I told him he could have mine. He refused, but knowing he would enjoy them so much more than me, I offered him mine… He refused. I finally talked him into taking one of them.

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10-Things I want to GO AWAY!

Screen shot 2010-04-06 at 6.28.21 PMOK. No need to get offended at my list. This is just an occasional opportunity to “go off” on some things that really get under my skin. I know, I’m supposed to be the “Pastor” and be nice and patient and always loving and understanding with everyone. If you are thinking like that please refer to #1 below! And have a nice day!

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10 MUST HAVES for thanksgiving!

  Sweet potato casserole with pecans (Lots!) People that still come to church on Sunday And bring all their "stuffed" family with them All of the greatest "man movies" to play all weekend At least one good football game (Clemson looses!) During all the family time, make it family time Have one on one time with

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IF… Everyday could feel like vacation

Today is the start of a wonderful time of the year… For me anyway, it's vacation time! Not vacation like I don't have to work, but vacation like… I'm not pressured. I take off the month of July from preaching and I have the opportunity to reboot, relax, and re-tune. I can actually sit back

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