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Category: Following God

5 Traits of the Most Magnetic Leaders

MAGNETIC1. They ask caring questions

They ask questions that go far beyond superficial interest. They draw me out with pointed questions that show they genuinely care about me and it never sounds scripted.

2. They listen to me

They allow me to fully vent or explain without making me feel on I’m on “the clock” with them. They demonstrate their authenticity by giving me their time (Their most valuable asset), without complaint.

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The 2 Identifying Traits of A Jesus Follower

TRAITSJohn the Baptist sent two of disciples to ask Jesus if He was the One…

Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: (Matthew 11:4 NKJV)

Jesus goes on to list all of the miraculous things done at his hand and by his voice and tell them that He preaches the Gospel.

Well, we are commanded to be Like Jesus in all that we do, to model His life of service, love and…well, the miraculous.

Honestly I don’t really know how to deal with that.  I have never healed a leper or raised the dead. But, I am asking God to give me the faith and humility to walk as He walked and to love as He loved. So my question becomes…

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Three Moves to Make Now to Move Your Church…When You Can’t Move!

MOVE“I’m just to tired to do anything right now.”

Ever feel like that? I know I have on many occasions. Here’s the deal, when we see things in our churches that need to be changed but we lack resources, leadership, time or energy, the first temptation is to wait until we have or most of these before we move…Wrong.

As the coaches scream from the corner of a MMA match…”Move or Die, Move or Die!” Here are three things you can do today that will begin to change everything!

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3 Imperatives For the Leader Desiring to Change the Norm

On a lazy Friday afternoon (my day off), I watched the semi-old movie Patch Adams. I loved many things about the movie (have seen it several times before) but on this viewing the most impactful part were the words on the screen at the end of the movie… “Currently there is a waiting list of

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Church War Z

CHURCHWARZThere are two types of people that claim to be ‘Christians…

1. Those that are Christ followers.

These are the people that are genuinely sold out for Jesus. They screw it up sometimes, but they follow Jesus as very best as they know how. They’re like the disciples in Jesus’ day. They follow Him, they glorify him, they let his glory shine through them, and they don’t mind admitting when they screw it up.

2. Those that are religious.

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