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Category: Family

3 “Old School” Planning Rules that Still Work

I was flipping through my old photos the other night and I feel upon this one:

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Your son needs some…”Domestification”


I was watching my son take clothes out of the washer the other day and a thought came to mind…

“I’m so glad we’ve taught our son to wash clothes”

You see, he leaves for college in the fall (the last of three) and my wife and I have always wanted him to be equipped for life, real life. So we have taught him how cook, clean, iron, wash clothes and shop. But in case you’re wondering, he’s all man. Like, football playing, 300lb benching, bully slapping, leading friends to Jesus kinda man!

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Want Some when You get Home?

“Honey …God laid on my heart two things I need to guard in our home as a wife…Peace and Passion.” Well…Heck yeah! I think you heard from God on that for sure sweetie. My wife told me that last night, and it absolutely blessed my heart. I couldn’t imagine anything I would want more when

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2 Power Words that really Change things

I’m a firm believer in the power of words. They shape culture, relationships and the future. I have learned three words that have incredible power in almost every situation in life. #1 Get Start using the word Get instead of have, i.e., “I get to work overtime today” rather than, “I have to work overtime

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4 Ingredients in the “Secret Sauce” of Marriage 4.0

Ever had something and you say… OOOOOweee that’s good! What is in this stuff??? Well marriage can be that way, especially  at 4.0 (Read Description Here) 1- Passion The heated pursuit of another with total engagement physically and emotionally Daily, DEMONSTRATE to your spouse how desirable they are to you Pursue one another as if your life

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