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Category: Church Diversity

3-Sweet bites of Church Diversity

I love the exciting! That’s why my favorite candy bar in the world is an Almond Joy! Sweet gritty white coconut, smooth milk chocolate and a couple of nuts thrown in the mix!   I think the Almond Joy stands as a shinning example of what our churches should be!


I don’t like boring! That includes what I eat, and with whom I spend time with, invest in, and “do” church with…

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Only a WHITE CHURCH would do this!

This is heart breaking, but…(I’m also laughing out loud)

It never ceases to amaze me how much churches divide the community, and mostly out of ignorance. Most simply don’t have the right mind-set to reach their WHOLE community…

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A Black-Man in a White-Man’s Body

I lead a large diverse church. So, that’s what some call me. I’m sooo cool with that! There are just so many things that make leading a multi-ethnic church so awesome, that once in that place, you just could never do anything else. One of the coolest things is the “Rumors” you hear around town

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Church Diversity depends on Calvinism?~John Piper Come on!

What makes effective, biblical diversity in the church?


Being the pastor of a large multi-ethnic church and involved in planting more of the same I write and speak on this often, it is one of my greatest passions. So I was quite intrigued when I read an article on this issue the other day by John Piper

“So, what should racial reconciliation be based on?

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Black History Month…In the Church?

This is “Black History Month”

Where we as a nation have set aside a time to honor, remember, recognize and celebrate the lives and contributions of the Black Americans gone before us, and still among us. It’s important that we recognize these contributors that have helped our nation grow and contributed to it’s unique culture.

But what about the Church?

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