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Category: Church Diversity

5-Reasons. I don’t Care who You vote For

I’m so glad after today this election will be over! I have seen my brothers and sisters in the Kingdom divided and just darn mean to one another in and for the name of their candidate! That’s wrong! Here’s why… 1– Just because I believe a certain way (Outside clear Biblical Doctrine), doesn’t mean you

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4-Lessons on Church Style…From an Idiot

“When ever you see the following names in connection with a church RUN!”

This was a line in an unsolicited email from someone I had never heard of.  It was all about how great he was and how “ungodly” some others were. 

He goes on to tell of some church services he led for a friend of his, and how wonderful it was…

1- “The music was tremendous with no contemporary junk in sight.  I love the old paths of the old-time religion especially her music.”  

Then how horrible other churches and leaders are…

2- “This new let your hair down method is leading young men down a primrose lane to unadulterated heresy.  

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3-Things First-In Developing Church Diversity

I’m often asked, “How do we make our church diverse?” The answer to that question can be somewhat lengthy depending on where you are in the process. But, I love simple processes so I like to tell leaders and Pastors you need to do…

Three things…First.

See It

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@ScottWilliams Diversity Movement. Moveable or Immoveable?

@Scott Williams has released his new Book:

Diversity, “Sunday the most segregated day of the week.” Scott has done a great job of bringing this topic to the front of the line.

Diversity is hot! Even though it’s like an “elephant” in the pew” because we aren’t very good at it. We know in our hearts that’s the way church should be, but most churches stare at their failure across their own congregation weekly, and so we shift to another topic.

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The “Auctioning off of Black Students”

O yeah it happened! (Read it here). As a “history demonstration” in a class room in Virginia. The teacher wanted to show how slaves were sold before and during the civil war. The school said the teacher din’t mean to harm or hurt anyone, she was just trying to teach. This incident just brings to my

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