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Category: Church Stuff

4 WARNINGS! Destruction Is Coming!

Having witnessed some organizations, groups, visions & even churches implode. It’s a sad thing to watch, and I have noticed that once the process begins, it’s very difficult to stop the “slide.” The thing I’ve noticed is that a lack of vision, passion and direction actually predicate this destructive sequence… (that’s another blog), so if

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What are the BEST service times for CHURCH?

We have tried so many different service times on Sunday morning. We have (3) services, however, it seems the early is too early and the late is too late.

Our current service times are: 8:30-10-11:30. It seems we aren’t making any progress at the 8:30. We are in a small town, and a Saturday night really isn’t an option. I was visiting a friends church several weeks ago and their service times were…

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