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What is the BEST church Model?

The Best church Model!

What Church model do you use? Can you imagine asking this question to a church leader 50 years ago.Their response would have been… What. Is there more than one?

There are so many in “Vogue”

church models that some wear it on their arm as a badge of honor. Ok just imagine it’s a mistake to say this is how we “do church.” Because I think that paints yourself in a corner. Why not just be a

“whatever it takes” church.”

A whatever it takes model dictates an attitude that says, “we will do whatever it takes to win

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Black History Month…In the Church?

This is “Black History Month”

Where we as a nation have set aside a time to honor, remember, recognize and celebrate the lives and contributions of the Black Americans gone before us, and still among us. It’s important that we recognize these contributors that have helped our nation grow and contributed to it’s unique culture.

But what about the Church?

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3-Most FREEING words in the Bible!

A “down time” in church “stuff” came a few years back.

You know things aren’t growing the way you want, people aren’t stepping up the way you think they should. You are praying for new leaders and the number seems to dwindle, rather than g…row! Then one morning, while

crying out to God in normal whinny fashion God gave me this…

the Lord added… (Acts 2.47)  Wow!

I can’t add a thing! It is not my responsibility…,

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Don’t make this $30K MISTAKE!

Wrong Place…Wrong Label

Recently a fine Italian restaurant owner found a bottle of wine that was in the wrong place with the wrong tag in the wrong storage bag. You see the restaurant had a system of storage. Depending on value, a bottle was put in a certain type bag, then a tag placed on the bag for easy viewing, and then placed in a certain section.

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6-Ways! If what you’re using aint moving… DISMOUNT

“If the horse you’re riding is dead, dismount.” This is an old saying, which means, “if what you are using is not moving…dismount.”  Sometimes even the best laid, thought out & mind mapped ideas and systems just don’t work!  They simply don’t produce the results we need. To often, these programs or systems stay in place because a lot of resources an energy have been invested. However, what if… what you are doing just aint working? So what do you do…? What do you do…?

Well, don’t do this

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