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Three Moves to Make Now to Move Your Church…When You Can’t Move!

MOVE“I’m just to tired to do anything right now.”

Ever feel like that? I know I have on many occasions. Here’s the deal, when we see things in our churches that need to be changed but we lack resources, leadership, time or energy, the first temptation is to wait until we have or most of these before we move…Wrong.

As the coaches scream from the corner of a MMA match…”Move or Die, Move or Die!” Here are three things you can do today that will begin to change everything!

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You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Have

fixChurch systems are important.

The systems you have in place in your church or even in your business are the foundation  for all the good stuff that is going to come. Without a system in place, we don’t know where to put the issues that come up, the wins that we see, and the problems that pop up. Systems are the grid behind what we do.

So. When it comes to church systems, remember,..

You can’t fix what you don’t have

What I mean is it’s better to have a semi good system in place than to have no system in place at all. If you get something going, you can always make changes later… you can always try to fix it. If you have nothing in place, you have nothing to fix and nothing to help you solve the problems and holes that you find.

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The Greatest Question to Ask… Before Starting Anything

QUESTION“What would make this incredibly successful?”

I found this question that was asked by an executive at the David Allen company, the great time management and GTD (getting things done) author.

I certainly think this has great application to the church context…


All of us that work in church leadership have at one time or another started something because we thought we had a great idea. Instead of thinking through what we’re doing, we just go with it and not think about what would make it succeed or fail.

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Three Church Lessons from a Jigsaw Puzzle

My wife loves to put together jigsaw puzzles. I’m not patient enough to always help, but I do try as much as I can stand it. A couple of Sundays we were on the back porch and I was watching Georgie put a puzzle together.

Here are 3 lessons the church can learn:

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What the Church Should Learn From Encountering Osama Bin Ladin

I was recently watching a History Chanel special on the days of 9/11.

They highlighted many of the issues and misconceptions they feel contributed to the disaster, I think the church could learn some valuable lessons from those…

#1 It can happen to us

The US had gotten to the point where we felt we were protected “by the great bodies of water” that bordered our country. So, we never seriously considered a group could infiltrate to that level.

If you lead in a church for any length of time, your borders will be breeched! The enemy will find the weakness in the walls, he will send groups or individuals to cause havoc and fear among you.

Know that you are vulnerable. Have a disaster plan in place. A plan that speaks to issues like: a Rogue leader, the moral failure of a key staff member, etc…

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