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4 Steps to the Best Sermons: Sermon Series Calendar (2)

sermonbestOur second step to more powerful sermons and sermon series is a sermon series calendar.

I know what you’re thinking, “Duh!” And you’re right. It does seem like common sense, but it took me a while to get this down. As you can see, we have our series that we’ve sought God for and really believe God is leading us to do mapped out according to what we saw on the church calendar.

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4 Steps to the Best Sermons: Year Church Calendar (1)

sermonbestThe first step to more powerful sermons is the year church calendar. For I don’t know how long, I struggled with scheduling church events. No calendar system really seemed to be good at keeping everything we as a church needed it to do. I wanted something that anyone could add too, but anyone could see what everyone else was doing as well.

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4 Steps To The Best Sermons

sermonbestScheduling, series, and sermon planning is one of the “biggys” for the church. It’s one of those things that we have to get down because so much of what we do rises and falls on the church calendar and scheduling.

That being said, for years I’ve suffered through trying to get it all “right.” I’ve tried different systems, different wall calendars, and software. I’ve tried to get the calendar scheduled on google calendars and a whole bunch of other things.

A few months ago, I had what I kinda think was an epiphany. I figured out a way that I could see the entire thing all at once and move leaders and staff through the thought process. Over the next few posts, I’m gonna be breaking these down more.

Here’s a quick outline of what we’ve come up with…

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Leadership On Tap

ONTAPStanford University did a study a while back to see how people communicate. They divided people into 2 sections… guessers and tappers. The tappers job was to tap out common songs and the guessers were to guess what song they were tapping. When asked before the study, the tappers said that they believed the guessers would get about 1/2 of the songs correct just by hearing the tap. At the end of the study, guessers got around 2 % of the songs right.

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3 “Old School” Planning Rules that Still Work

I was flipping through my old photos the other night and I feel upon this one:

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