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Which of these-5 is Your Biggest Struggle

Us, them and those other people…

all have issues. The question is… how are we gonna deal with our own, and help those around us find victory and get through their problems.

My Friend Dino Senesi is a rock star! He has tremendous expereience in coaching Pastors and Planters for more than 20 years. In that time he has discovered that almost all the issues we deal with as Leaders fall in one of five areas.

God ~ Family ~ Health ~ Time ~ People


Then we ask ourselves five critical questions…

5-Questions about each area:

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All Leaders need “Bulldogs”

I grew up in, live in, have a family and went to school in a predominantly black community. I guess that’s one of the reasons we have been successful at growing an ethnically diverse church.

In middle school I was the smallest kid in my class. And was often on the losing end of playground confrontations. So, what did I do to make up for this?

Hire the Muscle!

I made friends with one of the biggest, baddest black guys in the entire school, his name was… Bulldog.

Bulldog had a gray patch in the back of his head the size of a half dollar (His trade mark) and Bulldog’s 2-favorite things to do was play basketball and eat Blow Pops (Hard candy with a piece of gum in the middle). For you young guys you don’t remember such things.

So I, being small but smart, always had Blow Pops for bulldog.

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Pastor Call: To Pursuit not Perfection

The expectations of a Pastor or Christian leader or many times unattainable. We are “expected” to act, think, speak, react, plan, budget, raise kids, have a marriage, counsel, lead, encourage, and O yeah…Preach to perfection.

I think we all know these are unrealistic, and these kind of expectations have destroyed so many promising leaders’ future…

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5-Actions to turn Volunteers into “Staff”

Volunteer STAFF needed!


Churches in smaller cities, the places we target with the Comb & Sticks Networks. One of the biggest challenges is little money, big visions… with no help to “get it done.” With little money comes, NONE or little staff. But, as pastors we need staff, we need a team to run with us, help us, stand by our side and understand the vision God has poured into our hearts! But we can’t afford them….

So, you have to find volunteers that will function like staff, well almost…

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