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Category: Church Staff

7 Confessions of a “Sucky” Pastor

I have been doing some form of pastoring for almost 30-years, and I have certainly been a sucky pastor on many occasions…so I hope you can learn from my failures and use them too… #1 I was a sucky  pastor when I…Allowed myself to get burned out I forgot a very simple fact. If you

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Leaders can’t be Pleasers

I was having a conversation the other day with an up and coming leader. He was dealing with a very hurtful relationship that ended and he didn’t understand why it was so painful for so long. We discovered his issue wasn’t just the pain of the relationship it was the pain of feeling rejected. Rejection

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Where is the Greatest Leader You will ever have?

We all need great leaders to lead with us. The future of the church and Kingdom depend on it! But where are they? “I don’t really see any.” If that’s your frustration, you may be looking in the wrong place…

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4-Staff Changes You should Make for the New Year

The new year is coming, and it’s a great opportunity to implement a new system, process or change. With most church budgets tight and some shrinking, it’s a challenge to keep a church staff motivated and engaged in the vision of the church when it’s impossible to reward their loyalty with any increase in compensation. Finding a

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6-Essential Steps to Getting it Done!

We are all on a journey

A  journey to somewhere, nowhere, or the “wrong” where. The difference is, if you know how the journey with God progresses, it’s tremendosly helpful. I think the most dramatic example of this journey process was the life of Moses…

It all starts in a…

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