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3 Ways to Grow Your Church By Subtraction

GROWSUBTRACTI heard a phrase on a business radio program that I wasn’t familiar with…

“Addition by subtraction”

It was explained that quite often, an organization or department can add to its effectiveness by actually taking someone off the team (not replacing them). I understand the genius of less is more, but addition by subtraction?… awesome idea!

Here are 3 things you may need to subtract (take away) from your church if it’s not moving…

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3 Small Town Church Lessons From Big New York City


I recently took my son on a trip to NY for his 18th birthday.

I’m a small town guy and, honestly, big cities make me nervous and give me a desire to seek the first train out. While I was there, though, I did learn a few lessons on our short visit.

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You Can’t Fix What You Don’t Have

fixChurch systems are important.

The systems you have in place in your church or even in your business are the foundation  for all the good stuff that is going to come. Without a system in place, we don’t know where to put the issues that come up, the wins that we see, and the problems that pop up. Systems are the grid behind what we do.

So. When it comes to church systems, remember,..

You can’t fix what you don’t have

What I mean is it’s better to have a semi good system in place than to have no system in place at all. If you get something going, you can always make changes later… you can always try to fix it. If you have nothing in place, you have nothing to fix and nothing to help you solve the problems and holes that you find.

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Three People you Gotta See, to Grow your Church

smalltown“They have eyes, and yet they don’t see.” Many leaders don’t see the fruit that is about to manifest in those around them, all they can see is the tree. But, a tree can look strong, weak, ugly or handsome but that’s just the tree, the real test is what will they put forth. Especially in a small town… I’ve found there are three kinds of people (trees) that I have to constantly be on the look out for in order for our church to go where God intends it to go, they are…

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2 Things Every Effective Leader Must Have


Every effective leader in the Kingdom simply must have these (2) Qualities:

Humility & the Fear of God…

The reward of humility and the fear of the Lord
is wealth, honor, and life. Pr 22.6

What MUST a humble leader do?

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