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Category: Church Planting

A one man army spells…DEFEAT!

I remember several years ago, after planting a growing church, family was good, ministry was good, time with God was good, but there was a deep emptiness inside I couldn’t explain, or really identify. After “dealing” with this for a time, I was invited to join a group of other pastors from my state that were pastoring

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I’m in Deep Do-Do!

As a leader right now, I feel I am in deep “do-do.” Ever feel like that? Way in over your head, tackling something above your ability? So much so, you sit almost completely numb, just thinking to yourself, “I better run away right now, before everyone finds out I really can’t do this!”

Having taken the helm of theSticks conference and gatherings, along with continuing to develop The COMB Network, and pastor Cornerstone, I say, WHAT!!! How can I do all this? The answer is simple I can’t. I need HELP! What God has has done is…

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Right Where They Are!

I’ve been going through the 5 distinctions of the Comb Network. Today, I’m gonna tell you about the third..


Indigenous means: A system of recognizing and empowering local leadership…

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Church Planting Challenge!

I will be sharing this vision tomorrow at the National Leaders Meeting for  Southern Baptists. Really excited to see what God is about to do! It’s all about seeing a great move of God in smaller communities. You can check out the COMB NETWORK web site too. Please, tell me what you think…

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6 Steps to…Simple Church Planting

ShortHeader-ChurchPlantingThere are a lot of new buzz words and strategies these days for planting churches. I must admit, I am from a small town and I need things to be simple in order to understand them. Studying through the book of Acts, it seems the first church planted new churches and “turned the world upside down’, and they used a simple 6 Step plan:

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