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Category: Church Planting

2011 Sermon Series. DONE! What do you think?

2011 Sermon Series…Finished!


Our teaching team at Cornerstone “finally” finished our sermon series plan for 2011! Our plan this year was so unique I thought I would share it with you guys! We asked ourselves this Question…

“What do we want our church to have?”

That 1-Question has driven our entire preaching schedule this year. And we wanted to use ONE WORD

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Let it GO! Or you won’t GROW!

Next Level Leader Discussions…

Many times revolve around a fear of letting something go. But unwilling to take your hands off one thing means you are unable to grasp the next. I tell Next Level Leaders quite simply…

Let it Go! Or you won’t GROW!

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4-Q’s that Spur creative Church Growth

Those who grow businesses

Are probably familiar with the Ansoff Matrix. It’s a brain storming tool used to help bring to the front big questions about how to grow an enterprise.

Having a business Background

I thought it would be interesting to brainstorm together and ask some “church growth” questions using the Ansoff Matrix…

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6-Actions that make you “CRAVABLE”

Everybody likes to have friends! We all want to think we have people in our lives that genuinely care about us and they have a significant part in our lives. However, to be honest… many just don’t know the laws of attraction! What is you can do that will make people gravitate to you? The actions that can increase your influence with others?

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No.4- Must watch body Part!

#4- Watch your Hand! In Scripture we are referred to as being “seated at the right hand of the Father with Christ!” In other words, being at the right hand, is a place of honor and favor! What a great place to be! It is a highly exalted place, and  Jesus paid the ultimate price for our privilege to be there.

As a leader, you have the ability to put others “at your right hand.” You can favor others, and bring some close, and place them into your inner circle.

Be careful who you put at your right hand! Those closest to you, can be the greatest blessing or the biggest curse!

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