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Category: Church Planting

In It to Win It – Conquering Church

Is your church in it to win it? Every Church needs to be in their city to WIN their city. That has to be the heart cry of every pastor and leader in a church in order for that to happen. And that’s not an easy thing. The pastor MUST see the city as “His”

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A Body at Rest will stay at Rest. A Body in Motion…


A Body at Rest

A law of physics, and a spiritual law. If a church (Body of Christ) is not moving, not causing motion and a co-motion, it will stand still, motionless. Not moving, touching or changing anything or anyone.

It will stay that way, unless the church is “Bumped” and forced to move forward. Some need to get some bump going on! New vision, new passion & direction.

Signs of a body (Church) at Rest:

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Small City Church Planting…is DOPE!

Dope? New word for “awesome.” Chumlee used it last night on Pawn Stars. Anyway, planting a church in a small city or community is really awesome. The Comb Network is a planting organization that targets small cities in a unique way. If you have a desire to plant, or be a part of planting in

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25 Million People wanna watch your church on-line

Never doubt your on-line power. Never doubt your churches’ ability to effect lives by having your services streamed live!

I was reading this last night and it blew my away. Over…

25 Million People have tuned in to watch this live!

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Please! Be a “Red Box” Church

Blockbuster is in bankruptcy. The once mighty giant failed to recognize the need for change and are trying to “catch up.”

First came Net Flix, Blockbuster waited to long to recognize the customer wanted the choice of buying and ordering off line.

Then came Red Box. Blockbuster underestimated the power and connivence of

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