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Category: Church Planting

If You never Cut-Off your Hand..You’ll never see one Grow Back!

Today was one of the greatest joys I’ve ever experienced in some 30-Years of ministry.

“Severing my Right-Hand!”

 Ja Cook has labored with me and for me for the past eight years and his last Sunday with us at our main campus was today! He leaves next weekend to start a new church with us in a small town called Clover, SC. (Pop 4300). Our new campus will be “Cornerstone Clover” and the launch is planned for this fall.

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Great Leaders know… “Never Command the Hand”

Having someone offer to help with you with a great vision is awesome, but. Patience while leading and waiting is crucial. If you get impatient or move to quickly,  you hurt people the Kingdom and the community you are called to impact.

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Plant a New Church. If not Today When?

Church Planting is the fastest way to spread the Gospel As the church fully engages in its mission to make disciples the formation of new churches will be a natural product of the Kingdom expansion. Now I’m not trying to promote any one school of planting…Just that a new plant would come out of the harvest,

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Why Size Really DOES Matter

You should really consider planting a church in a small city or community.

This is an email I received from a church planter last week…

“God is moving in small town America and here on the West Coast! We have been in a relaunch this last

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Who can be a CHURCH-PLANTER?

I wrote this for ChurchPlanting.com and it was one of the most popular articles so I thought I should re-post it here.

When you go to plant a church, or are involved in helping others plant churches that question must be asked clearly and plainly. A battery of tests, evaluations and interviews that help guide and determine your “make-up” as a planter then follows the question.

But here’s the deal. We all use those tests (most are the same), we do the interviews and that information is valuable. It takes past successful planters and measures their mutual qualities against the prospective planter. Then there is a pass-fail.

Frankly… I hate this.

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