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Category: Church Planting

The 1st Step in Creating Momentum

momentumMomentum is one of those things we all want as leaders. When we have momentum behind us and what we’re leading, we become unstoppable. Walking in great momentum is one of those “sweet” spots for a leader. Every move you make seem to turn to gold.

How do you create momentum?

It definitely requires seeking God, being desperate for his voice, and having a good team around you. The number one way, though, when it’s all said and done…

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4 Keys to Creating Momentum in Your Church

At times momentum can be an illusive goal. It seems to come when least expected, and dissipates when we feel it should be present. In the church world, it seems even more illusive. I’ve found there are four vital pillars that must be in place in order to hold any momentum that begins or maintained. Mission Mission

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The Church Needs to Turn-It-Up

It’s time to “Turn it Upside Down” again! Studying through the book of Acts, There are a few things that seem to resonate through out the entire “process” of turning the world “upside” down. The power of the Holy Spirit God’s use of “simple people” God’s choice of indigenous leaders The speed in which the task was

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4 Vital Steps to Move what’s Stuck

You know when something’s not right, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. How do you jump-start something when you don’t really know what’s broken? 1- Prayer That’s not a cliché’, but rather the most important thing when starting to implement any kind of change. Pray specifically for a opneess in your heart

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Which of these-5 is Your Biggest Struggle

Us, them and those other people…

all have issues. The question is… how are we gonna deal with our own, and help those around us find victory and get through their problems.

My Friend Dino Senesi is a rock star! He has tremendous expereience in coaching Pastors and Planters for more than 20 years. In that time he has discovered that almost all the issues we deal with as Leaders fall in one of five areas.

God ~ Family ~ Health ~ Time ~ People


Then we ask ourselves five critical questions…

5-Questions about each area:

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