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Category: Church Multiplication

When should a godly Leader Retreat?

Never! Nowhere in Eph 6 are we given any protection for our backsides! I think there’s a good reason for that, we aren’t given permission to retreat. Understand, I’m not talking about repentance, a changing of the mind, an encounter of real Truth where we turn from wrong beliefs and actions. I’m talking about turning

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Pass the Torch, BEFORE it goes out!

Everything has a season. A season of planting, of watering, harvesting & storing. Then comes the time when you have to begin to teach others around you to do what you do. When you intentionally impart ALL the wisdom gleaned through failures & victories for the sole reason of replacing yourself. Honestly, this is the

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Which is first in the Church…Mission or Vision?

I was reading an e-Publication I downloaded the other day, and it was the author’s intention to use a business model for measuring success, and apply it to the church. Being a business owner myself, I’ve seen the value of using such tools many times. But… The bride of Christ is not a business And

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3 Ways to Keep People in Church

How do we keep people coming back to church?  That’s the sixty-four dollar question of the last 10 years, especially in our culture and communities. Seth Godin mentioned a business theory recently in  a blog that I thought carried some merit in speaking to the question of keeping people engaged in their local church. The

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4 Systems every Church Needs

You may or may not be a systems person. You may lead a large or very small church. Regardless the context, systems need to be in place or success will always elude you. Every church needs to ask and answer these questions in the context of a measurable system they have put in place… #1 Attraction When are we

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