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Category: Church Multiplication

What if people DESIRED church like chicken McNuggets?

Police: US woman punched McDonald’s drive-through window because restaurant had no McNuggets. 

Can you believe the thoughts of passion, desire, expectation, anticipation and stimulation that were occurring in this woman’s mind over the idea that her McNuggets were coming soon?


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5 Musts for Multi-Ethnic Churches

Being ethnically diverse is at the heart of who Cornerstone is and why we do church the way we do. On more than one occasion we’ve been asked how we maintain such a multi-ethnic congregation. We have found there are 5 "musts" for any church that wants to be multi-ethnic: 1.   You must have

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100/80 Rule for Churches

We all have heard of the 80/20 rule. It finds itself into almost every facet of business and commerce. But what about the church? As the pastor of a large multi-ethnic church, we are faced with many challenges. There is always a pull, a current to draw us to one extreme or the other. We

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5 Great things to see on Sunday!

5 things I love to see on Sundays Someone you have poured your life into… SOAR! Children telling their parents they LOVE THEIR church People reaching for the tissue under their seats Conversations about the miracles God is doing People from different nations, tribes & tongues, loving one another I love to see these things because they

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Sunday UP!

Great day, Great move of God (in spite of the rain) Worship Team was "on tight" Had (2) families come up and say they have been praying for years for a multi-ethnic church in town… I said "welcome home" Everyone very excited and still in shock about the vision of PRAY2K… http://www.pray2k.com/ Can you say…momentum

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