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Category: Church Multiplication

Don’t kick the Power to the curb!

I hate religion! I mean the mind set that dictates what must not, and what must be in order to please God. The mind set that adds to the Word what is not there, and ignores what is there,  all in the name of “being” more righteous. In other words modern day Pharisees. Unfortunately, those who fall into this category would never admit it! Most are so righteous in their own minds, they don’t even know, that’s them!

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Small town Leaders & Pastors-CONNECT!

I hope most of you are familiar with “TheSticks” It’s a movement to engage, encourage & empower leaders, pastors & church planters in smaller communities…

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Is it OK, to kick it ol’ School, (or new school)?

Our church is launching a new service the weekend after Easter called Cornerstone Classic! It’s our 3rd service (8:30), and we are offering a “classic” service. That is NOT TRADITIONAL, but as we call it, “same stuff, softer style.” We will worship with a little older contemporary songs, some updated hymns, brighter lights in the

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Mutated Motivation!

ShortHeader-ChurchOutreachChristianity demands a level of caring that transcends human inclinations.-Erwin W. Lutzer

Kindness is an attribute that screams who we are at the center of our being. We can be so robotic as Christ-Followers, checking all the “boxes” of righteous acts, but if done in the wrong spirit, these are nullified!

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6 Steps to…Simple Church Planting

ShortHeader-ChurchPlantingThere are a lot of new buzz words and strategies these days for planting churches. I must admit, I am from a small town and I need things to be simple in order to understand them. Studying through the book of Acts, it seems the first church planted new churches and “turned the world upside down’, and they used a simple 6 Step plan:

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