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Category: Church Leadership

3 Reasons You need to Drive the Staff Crazy

CRAZYSTAFFRecently I made a statement in hearing shot of one of our staff pastors. I said, “I’m driving the staff crazy!” He said, at least you’re driving bro, we don’t like it when you’re not driving.

More encouraging words could not have been spoken to me. You see, last year was a healing year for me, after a tremendously difficult emotional battle, I’m fully engaged again after what seems like an eternity.

When I was down emotionally, I didn’t have the passion or vision to lead and certainly not lead well. “Driving” is not a negative word, in this context, driving is the crazy, electrified atmosphere when there’s controlled chaos for Kingdom growth.

I think when a leader is driving they are leading well, I think when you drive like that you produce three things…

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3-Vital Parts of Your Vision

VISIONI teach a leadership class at our church and the assignment for this past week was “Write your personal mission statement.”

As you can imagine, everyone wanted to love God, read their Bible more and win the world for Jesus.

All good, but not very personal.

Then we moved on to writing a vision statement for your church, ministry or organization. I found three helpful tools that really helped clarify a vision for an individual or organization.

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3 5-Minute Church Changers

churchchangeers5- Minute Prayer

Whenever you meet together as a church, team or staff- Pray! I know most of you do, but I’m talking about just a quick five minute “Huddle” where you ask…

  • What’s the win for today?
  • What’s our biggest challenge?
  • What are we expecting God to do?

Let me give you an example. We began this several months back. We meet every morning, including Sundays at 7:55 for 5 minutes. We answer those three questions and then pray. You will be amazed at how much unity and power comes through this practice.

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5 Essential Tools for Every Productive Pastor

PRODUCTIVEAs pastors, there’s always a lot on our plate. We change hats and capes constantly. I’ve found that being skilled and gifted is not enough, it’s also about finding ways for your gifts to have the greatest impact.

1- Electronic Bible reading (You Version)

In the age of instant share technology, we have the ability to record our thoughts and observations in Scripture with a swipe of our finger.

I know some feel they really need to hold the Bible in their hand while reading, that’s cool, but realize you’re greatly limited yourself in the speed and ability to capture those verses and inspirations quickly and effectively.

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3 Things To Do Today to Help Grow Your Church

GROW1- Call People

You need some type of system that will tell you when a person who was with you, isn’t there any more. Believe me you can’t trust your memory!

Establish a regular call time to touch base with those absent. Not a guilt trip, but a genuine desire for the welfare of those entrusted to your care. This is gonna take some honesty on you and your church’s part. You may hear some uncomfortable things, but be honest and humble enough to care about those people. Sure, you don’t want to beg them to stay, but they may know or see something you don’t.

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