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Category: Church Leadership

6-Essential Steps to Getting it Done!

We are all on a journey

A  journey to somewhere, nowhere, or the “wrong” where. The difference is, if you know how the journey with God progresses, it’s tremendosly helpful. I think the most dramatic example of this journey process was the life of Moses…

It all starts in a…

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3-MUST DO steps to Impart Vision

We are all leaders in some way

Parenting, community, groups, church, industry or corporate. The rules apply across the board. And the same question greets each leader everyday, “How do I get those who follow me, to run with this vision?”

The answer, though quite complex, and vary within culture, community and context, I have come to believe the “Steps” to be quite simple…

Head ~ Heart ~ Hand

This is process must move from one step to the next, with great passion and patience. But, it must all begin with the…

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