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Category: Church Leadership

The 2-People You Gotta have in Your Life

“Show me the people that you are investing in right now, and I’ll tell you where you will be in five years” I had a mentor of mine tell me that several years ago, and I’ve never forgotten it. It rings truer and truer everyday. I was reminded of this when reading this passage the

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Do Politics really Need Your Voice?

I don’t think so! It just hurts and divides. Don’t marry Biblical Truth to politics…EVER! It’s just not right. You can address a specific issue, when interpreted and presented in love on a sound Biblical foundation, but NEVER allow it to be tied to a political view, party  or politician. Leading a VERY DIVERSE church I

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Invention & Innovation…Where is the Action?

In the world of Apple, (As I saw on Biography) and the mind of those who really change things, There’s an ability to connect the dots between two things…

Invention and Innovation


They are able to take an idea (Invention) and make it plausible (Inovation) for the masses. And the catalyst between those two points must be… Action!

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7 Church-Growth tips from Mayberry

When Andy Griffith died, my mind was flooded with the memories of watching him and Barney do their thing in Mayberry. And I thought of somethings Andy did that would help the church…

1. Never carry a gun

I loved the way Andy could keep the peace, protect the innocent and catch the bad guys…without a gun.

In the church world, we could learn from that. People don’t respond very well to force or a show of force. If we are patient and let others “catch it” and not force it, we will see a greater return.

2. Be loyal to your right-hand

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7-Q’s for the New Iphone Leadership App

A doctor friend was subscribing a medication for me once, and pulled out his iPhone and began to insert my age, gender, weight, current medications and it told him what to give and in what dosage! Dang…Nice! Then it suggested the correct medication, and warned of other medications or activities that should not be taken

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