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Category: Craveable Church

3 Reasons You need to Drive the Staff Crazy

CRAZYSTAFFRecently I made a statement in hearing shot of one of our staff pastors. I said, “I’m driving the staff crazy!” He said, at least you’re driving bro, we don’t like it when you’re not driving.

More encouraging words could not have been spoken to me. You see, last year was a healing year for me, after a tremendously difficult emotional battle, I’m fully engaged again after what seems like an eternity.

When I was down emotionally, I didn’t have the passion or vision to lead and certainly not lead well. “Driving” is not a negative word, in this context, driving is the crazy, electrified atmosphere when there’s controlled chaos for Kingdom growth.

I think when a leader is driving they are leading well, I think when you drive like that you produce three things…

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3 5-Minute Church Changers

churchchangeers5- Minute Prayer

Whenever you meet together as a church, team or staff- Pray! I know most of you do, but I’m talking about just a quick five minute “Huddle” where you ask…

  • What’s the win for today?
  • What’s our biggest challenge?
  • What are we expecting God to do?

Let me give you an example. We began this several months back. We meet every morning, including Sundays at 7:55 for 5 minutes. We answer those three questions and then pray. You will be amazed at how much unity and power comes through this practice.

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The 2 Identifying Traits of A Jesus Follower

TRAITSJohn the Baptist sent two of disciples to ask Jesus if He was the One…

Jesus answered and said to them, “Go and tell John the things which you hear and see: (Matthew 11:4 NKJV)

Jesus goes on to list all of the miraculous things done at his hand and by his voice and tell them that He preaches the Gospel.

Well, we are commanded to be Like Jesus in all that we do, to model His life of service, love and…well, the miraculous.

Honestly I don’t really know how to deal with that.  I have never healed a leper or raised the dead. But, I am asking God to give me the faith and humility to walk as He walked and to love as He loved. So my question becomes…

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3 Ways to Grow Your Church By Subtraction

GROWSUBTRACTI heard a phrase on a business radio program that I wasn’t familiar with…

“Addition by subtraction”

It was explained that quite often, an organization or department can add to its effectiveness by actually taking someone off the team (not replacing them). I understand the genius of less is more, but addition by subtraction?… awesome idea!

Here are 3 things you may need to subtract (take away) from your church if it’s not moving…

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3 Small Town Church Lessons From Big New York City


I recently took my son on a trip to NY for his 18th birthday.

I’m a small town guy and, honestly, big cities make me nervous and give me a desire to seek the first train out. While I was there, though, I did learn a few lessons on our short visit.

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