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Category: Craveable Church

5-Actions to turn Volunteers into “Staff”

Volunteer STAFF needed!


Churches in smaller cities, the places we target with the Comb & Sticks Networks. One of the biggest challenges is little money, big visions… with no help to “get it done.” With little money comes, NONE or little staff. But, as pastors we need staff, we need a team to run with us, help us, stand by our side and understand the vision God has poured into our hearts! But we can’t afford them….

So, you have to find volunteers that will function like staff, well almost…

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4-Ways to GROW Leaders like Jesus!

Jesus bet a lot on a little!

When He left this world, He left the entire future of His church in the hands of a dozen, “untrained & uneducated men.” I was recently thinking about how Jesus grew these extraordinary leaders, and He had one HECK of a system! He was entrusting all of Christendom to it!

Be fruitful & MULTIPLY

We are commanded to multiply…

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3-Most FREEING words in the Bible!

A “down time” in church “stuff” came a few years back.

You know things aren’t growing the way you want, people aren’t stepping up the way you think they should. You are praying for new leaders and the number seems to dwindle, rather than g…row! Then one morning, while

crying out to God in normal whinny fashion God gave me this…

the Lord added… (Acts 2.47)  Wow!

I can’t add a thing! It is not my responsibility…,

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5-BIGGEST surprises for Church-Planters!

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!


My friend Stephen Gray surveyed church planters, asking them about their greatest surprises, and they responded with their top five struggles, difficulties and  surprises!

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Don’t pick THAT fruit!

You can survive on that…


You can survive, but never THRIVE when you feed on the over ripened fruit lying on the ground or the ones on the lower limbs! You know what I mean…  don’t settle for anything less than all God has for you!

At times when it’s a struggle to reach the high fruit, the ones that seem to be out of reach.  We may be tempted to “settle” for the easy to reach fruit. Because we are hungry…hungry to say we have accomplished something or have finished a task, we want to look for the easy and fast finish. But usually that’s a cop-out and…

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