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Category: Craveable Church

Great Leaders know… “Never Command the Hand”

Having someone offer to help with you with a great vision is awesome, but. Patience while leading and waiting is crucial. If you get impatient or move to quickly,  you hurt people the Kingdom and the community you are called to impact.

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Would People describe you as Craveable?

“I don’t care what they think!”

Its far to easy to blow people off and say that, while feeling blameless because we have  fulfilled some checklist …

How people see us, is how they see Jesus. We are His ambassadors, we are to be His true reflections. So we must care what people think of us! Many lives and destinies hang in the balance. And what others think of us, the perception we give others  is determined by three things, what they …

Right now those outside the church think we (Those inside) basically suck!

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4-Essentials for Leading Change this Year

Never Drop Anchor

Like anything that is living and growing, the church must be in a constant state of change. If the church doesn’t change, it’s like dropping an anchor in a race! Which ensures the progress of our adversary.

Turn it Slow and Steady

The challenge is, how much and how fast do you implement change?

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Is your church like Egypt?

The world waits to see what the “New Egypt” will look like.

Its easy too recognize the movers and shakers in the process…

1- Those who have guns
2- Those who speak for the masses
3- Those with the money

Doesn’t this sound a little familiar? In the church, if you are the main, or a key leader it is…

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3-Teams that bring-Success

I had two different conversations today with church planters that were going through a lot of the same situations. All of which lead to the same question and solution… Having the right teams in place.

1. Oversight Team

An oversight team is a team that helps give direction, coaching, wisdom and accountability to a new or young church. This is vital, in the early stages to help guide through the hurdles and helping to set up

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