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Author: artie

Game Player or Game CHANGER. Which Are You?

Regardless of what area of life you find yourself in or what arena you find yourself in, you probably know certain people that have changed that area of history. They’ve changed the arena that you live in everyday. They did something and it changed the way it was done by everyone else after.

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These 3-Butts, Must Be Counted!

Our churches are great at counting butts! We love to see the graph rise and attendance going up. There’s nothing wrong with counting attendance (Or Butts in the seats), however, we need to make sure we count the other butts that really matter too. Those that represent real life change and Kingdom movement and growth.

I see the pattern of Jesus’ ministry and focus as being three-fold. He was all about: Getting them IN, Growing them UP, and them Going OUT.

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3 Signs of a GREAT Leader

“He’s a GREAT Leader!” Every leader wants that to be said of them as they lead.

What makes a leader great? Well, a lot of that can be debated, but there are 3 things that every leader MUST have in order to be a great leader…

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Start Over the RIGHT Way

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God…”

Everyday you wake up and put your feet on the floor, you have the chance to start over. The biggest reason we want a fresh start or a do-over is because we started wrong in the first place.

We read the first verse of the Bible a lot of the times and skip right over it… not thinking of the value. The value that comes from starting over the right way… the God way.

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I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Send Someone to Hell

I know that sounds kinda crazy. Like I could actually SEND people to hell…

I can’t.

It’s not up to me.

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