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I’d Rather Be Wrong Than Send Someone to Hell

I know that sounds kinda crazy. Like I could actually SEND people to hell…

I can’t.

It’s not up to me.

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They Haven’t Met Jesus! They Met You, and Don’t Like YOU!

Had a friend Tweet this yesterday…

“Just had to defend my faith in a grocery store, a guy just talking junk about Christians, faith…don’t mess with my savior man.”

I don’t know many things, but I do know this… [Read more...]

10-That Never Change While Leading

When you lead, some lessons are learned easily, some are learned through fire. Wisdom is gained by learning through your own failure, and observing the failure of others.

1- You will never be able to give more to others that what you have gotten from God [Read more...]

Are you Paying For it? Twice?

The Isrelites constantly lost ground! As they followed God into the promised land and began to take the very ground God had promised, they would sin against God and then fall under His judgment. Consequently,

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Is Your Church Closed… For MLK Day?

Today is a national holiday honoring one of our countries greatest leaders. The question is…

Is your Church office closed?

Or, if it’s a smaller church, is the pastor or other PT staff given this day as a paid holiday?

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